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With over 20 years of combined experience in the aviation industry, our aircraft services provides the highest level of safety in the planning and execution of ferry flights. With a through knowledge of logistics systems, we are able to efficiently conduct aircraft movement in a timely manner, with competitive rates while providing the greatest customer care in the industry.

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Our Standards of Excellence


We operate with military's high operating standards of safety in order to offer the best and most professional service possible.


  • Check of aircraft airworthiness and maintenance documents

  • Review of performance and limitations

  • Sterile cockpit during ramp operations and below 5,000 ft

  • Ramp survey for FOD (Foreign Object Debris)

  • Supervision of fueling operations


We take pride in our business model. We treat your aircraft as if it were our own. From the initial contact until delivery, you will experience an unparalleled quality of service. 


We are committed to provide a rate that encompasses the quickest, most cost effective route, while maintaining the highest level of care and safety of your aircraft.

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