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Citrus Fruits

Aircraft sales & purchase

Acquiring an aircraft is no small matter. Having the proper technical skills during the process might be the difference between purchasing the proper aircraft for the right mission and the proper price for the buyer and determining the appropriate sales timing to put the aircraft on the market to maximize the sales prices for the seller

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Citrus Fruits

The Process

We provide expert services to general aviation aircraft the same way you would be treated at a corporate jet broker. Our premier service process will exceed your expectations. After your initial consultation, we will be personally involved in all aspects of your brokerage transaction.

Part of the process will include:

  • Aircraft Market Value Search

  • Technical Review of Aircraft (or mission if you are a buyer)

  • Negotiating the Sales Terms

  • Required Inspections (Pre-buy, Annual, ADs)

  • Review Results & Advise

  • Creation of Photos & Spec Sheets for Marketing Purposes

  • Completion of FAA required Documentation

  • List aircraft of Top Aircraft Websites, Insurance Brokers, and Fellow Aircraft Dealers

While this is list is extensive, it is not exhaustive. Additional services can be added at the request of the client. Contact us now for more details!

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Current aircraft inventory

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